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Collector´s Guide to Texas Cretaceous Echinoids
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Texas is known worldwide as a rich resource for the intricate Cretaceous-age echinoids widely sought by professional and amateur palaeontologists. With much of the scientific literature on Texas Cretaceous echinoids decades old, here is an updated and detailed guide for identifying this rich fossil fauna. After a brief description of the climatic events that led to the formation of these marine deposits, readers are introduced to the terminology needed to understand the morphology and biology of echinoids. Over 350 high-quality colour photographs and detailed descriptions provide a visual guide to identifying, usually to the species level, most of the Cretaceous echinoids found in Texas. The information will be of interest to nature lovers, new and advanced collectors, and students of invertebrate paleontology looking for in-depth, updated insights into the morphology, classification, and identification of these striking fossils.

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