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African Dinosaurs Unearthed: The Tendaguru Expe...
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From 1907 to 1931 at Tendaguru, a remote site in present-day Tanzania, teams of German (and later British) paleontologists unearthed 220 tons of fossils, including the bones of a new dinosaur, one of the largest then known. For decadesthe mounted skeleton of this giant, Brachiosaurus, was the largest skeleton of aland animal on exhibit in the world. The dinosaur and other animal fossils found atTendaguru form one of the cornerstones of our understanding of life in the Mesozoicera. Visited sporadically during the ´30s and ´40s, Tendaguru again became the siteof scientific interest late in the 20th century. African Dinosaurs Unearthed tellsthe story of driven scientific adventurers working under difficult conditions andoften paying the price with their health -- and sometimes with their lives. Setagainst the background of a troubled century, the book reveals how scientificendeavors were carried on through war and political turmoil, and continue into thepresent day.

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